The Textile Cuisine’s new clothes

Welcome to "The Textile Cuisine" in the new location! This is my new space where I will be sharing with you my new textile works.

Don't worry, the old blog remains alive and you can always reach it here.

New place needs a new kitchen, right?

So here it is - my new "Kitchen with a hen". I love to portray the kitchens. There is so much going on between kitchen appliances 🙂 Some of you may remember the previous kitchens:

It may not be clear for a viewer but all of these kitchens are sort of close to my real ones. Not on this realistic level but in some special elements or emotions.

And always recognizable by my family, of course 🙂 Not that I'm using silk towels in real

Usually, I don't sit on the kitchen desk 🙂

But the shelves are mine!

Oh well, if you are brave enough to face me in my real, rather messy kitchen, you're welcome. Here is an unexpected picture taken by my daughter. Not the best picture but this is where the inspiration came from:

I have to admit I'm not quite satisfied with this new blogging space. But it is more natural to keep it together with my website and there are chances that with time I will improve my WordPress skills 🙂

I will do my best to post on regular basis. For daily news you can follow me on instagram - @bozena_wojtaszek

And for more insight on the processes of creating my textile art pieces, inspirations and exclusive news, please, subscribe to my newsletter !

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9 thoughts on “The Textile Cuisine’s new clothes”

  1. Bozena…your kitchen does not look messy! Kitchens should look like they are used and not for show only. So much creativity can happen in the kitchen. Good food for bodies and good time spent with loved ones to nourish the soul.
    I’ll be right over for a cup of coffee to share with you. What pastries should I bring?

  2. Hello Bozena,
    I have been following you on Instagram and was excited to discover your blog and website today. I am very inspired by your beautiful work and hope to follow you here and also through your newsletter. I enjoyed your kitchen portrayals and the feeling and techniques you put into them.
    I’ll see you on Instagram!
    Judy Hartman

  3. Love your work, as a new ‘budding textile artist in the making’ I find your work so inspiring. Thank goodness I found you on Twitter first.

    Would be great for you to have a fellow wordpresser follow button to be able to follow you that way.


  4. Ahhh! Just finished up reading your newsletter and now your blog! They both are wonderful and both speak of you Bozena and your exquisite textile artwork!
    I am always amazed as well as i awe of the pieces you create and how your surroundings inspire you! LOL I just love the hen on the kitchen counter- perfect! Shouldn’t everyone have such a friend visit them in their kitchen??
    Keep up the beautiful work my friend- I love it all!
    Hugs,Jackie xx

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