Summer flowers

What a beautiful summer it is! Too hot, too sunny, too... you name it, but that's what summers are about, aren't they?  If you follow me on Instagram you may remember this wonderful summer bouquet of wildflowers. It was so visually appealing that I decided to stitch it. Well, not exactly but something clearly inspired by these flowers 🙂 It is 11 x 14 in with no binding cause I'm sure the best set up for this one is in frame. I also made a print of it so you can get the idea: And here is a small detail of original to get you an idea of all the small hand stitched gems hidden: If you want to buy it, please, contact me privately so we could decide which place would be the most convenient for you to shop. I'm still in the process of reorganization with new ideas popping every single day so it seems a bit messy now.  Only the prints are still HERE 🙂 And I'm testing selling small works grouped by the size HERE. Any feedback and ideas would be more than appreciated 🙂  Hope the rest of summer will be same beautiful feeling our souls with bright and sunny vibes!
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Blue Fiber Forest

It started with an idea of taking part in the contest. The general theme was "all kinds of fibers". And my first thought was "the forest of fibers" ! Unfortunately life had other plans for me than taking part in the contest but... the seed was sown 🙂 I pulled out all the different types of fabric to build the forest. Fibers galore 100 % natural  - cotton, linen, wool, silk, all of different weights and structures to play with textures. Felted wool on heavily textured linen and plain, thin cotton. With tiny shiny silk trees here and there. And all this in blue (hand dyed by myself!) with hints of red or purple.  Here it is in a full view: It is 18 x 32 in and available for sale HERE.   My newsletter subscribers already know about the changes I'm making in my online presence so here is short info for the rest of you (you better be a subscriber, I tell you - subscribe HERE):
  • I'm slowly withdrawing my art from Etsy (if you want something, buy now!)
  • I will keep Etsy open only for crafty things and custom orders
  • Now the places where you can buy some of my works are HERE and (bigger and more expensive) HERE
  • Of course you're always welcome to contact me directly if you want something special or can't find what you're looking for  🙂 
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Nothing but a yellow tree

Sitting and stitching and suddenly... Klimt? Not really but very close: Who would guess it will turn this way? I only wanted to stitch a tree in golden yellows. I wanted it to shine. And it does as it is mostly silk.  It is 12.5 x 21 in and will brighten up any space 🙂
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Spring actually!

Finally it is here! Took quite long this time, don't you think?  But anyway - welcome spring! This is a fragment of my newest textile artwork - "Spring landscape". It is 21.5 x 18.5 in and there is a lot going on in it. First greens and blooms:   Windy sky and tall grasses: The colors are warm and cozy. In fact it started from the colors - I wanted them all but in a soft, warm light. So I hand dyed all sorts of beige tones as a base and then added layers of greens, reds, blues or purples: And now it seems pretty close to the real light we've got this spring 🙂 And, just for experiment, I created the print from this piece in opposite, cold palette: It is fun but I need a sunlight and warmth so couldn't stand working with these colors for a long 🙂 In the meantime I made more colorful textile landscapes, smaller in size and suitable for framing. They are all in my shop now so go and see them HERE. But most of all, enjoy the spring!
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How to beautify your life?

Here I come on this beautiful sunny Sunday to share with you my great news - I made... a book!

  It's not about stitching. You tell me quite often that my art is very inspirational for you. That you love to wander through my blog or website to just look at the pictures because it brightens up your mind and inspires you to make great things. This is a music for my ears and I repeat it, that if it wasn't for a living I would give all my art for free. Because that's what my art is all about - to make you happier, to beautify your life. And that's how the idea of creating this book was born. It is hard to say that I wrote it. There's very little to read. I just wanted to use my art as a guidance for you to find beauty and inspiration even in the smallest things around you.

This is a book to keep handy when you feel drought or overwhelmed by unpleasant things. Because we must embrace beauty for a better life. And I want to inspire you to beautify your life.

  It was important to me to make it visually appealing also for those who don't know my art or textile art at all. Because it isn't about art, it is about beauty and inspiration. And it is available on Amazon just one click away (34.50$ paperback)! Yes, Liliana is my second name and for the first time I decided to use it 🙂  
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