Spring actually!

Finally it is here! Took quite long this time, don't you think?  But anyway - welcome spring! This is a fragment of my newest textile artwork - "Spring landscape". It is 21.5 x 18.5 in and there is a lot going on in it. First greens and blooms:   Windy sky and tall grasses: The colors are warm and cozy. In fact it started from the colors - I wanted them all but in a soft, warm light. So I hand dyed all sorts of beige tones as a base and then added layers of greens, reds, blues or purples: And now it seems pretty close to the real light we've got this spring 🙂 And, just for experiment, I created the print from this piece in opposite, cold palette: It is fun but I need a sunlight and warmth so couldn't stand working with these colors for a long 🙂 In the meantime I made more colorful textile landscapes, smaller in size and suitable for framing. They are all in my shop now so go and see them HERE. But most of all, enjoy the spring!

How to beautify your life?

Here I come on this beautiful sunny Sunday to share with you my great news - I made... a book!

  It's not about stitching. You tell me quite often that my art is very inspirational for you. That you love to wander through my blog or website to just look at the pictures because it brightens up your mind and inspires you to make great things. This is a music for my ears and I repeat it, that if it wasn't for a living I would give all my art for free. Because that's what my art is all about - to make you happier, to beautify your life. And that's how the idea of creating this book was born. It is hard to say that I wrote it. There's very little to read. I just wanted to use my art as a guidance for you to find beauty and inspiration even in the smallest things around you.

This is a book to keep handy when you feel drought or overwhelmed by unpleasant things. Because we must embrace beauty for a better life. And I want to inspire you to beautify your life.

  It was important to me to make it visually appealing also for those who don't know my art or textile art at all. Because it isn't about art, it is about beauty and inspiration. And it is available on Amazon just one click away (34.50$ paperback)! Yes, Liliana is my second name and for the first time I decided to use it 🙂  

Spring is coming!

Wake up, Spring is coming! Are you ready?

I hope so, but when in need for additional impulse to feel the change of seasons here I bring you some inspiration 🙂

How about botanical textile art? At least "botanical" in feel.  Here is my "Botanical blues in the kitchen garden".

Bursting with floral energy this piece evolved from the same little teapot you know from my previous post (HERE).  I described the making process in my newsletter (join us if you fancy HERE) so now I will show you what came next. One of my early viewers jokingly asked if she could get coffee with cherry tart instead of morning tea. Well, the seed was planted and "Botanical coffee in the garden" was born. Hope you like it, Jackie 🙂 But after coffee mug I wanted a tea cup. With herbal tea 🙂 So here it is - "Herbal tea in the garden", the last one (as for now) in this botanical series: And I'm pretty sure you now believe me that Spring is just around the corner 🙂 All three pieces are in similar sizes (approx. 17 x 20 in), mostly appliqued and embroidered (with no batting). And here they are together relaxing after photo session 🙂 They are for sale but only the blue one is available in my SHOP now, the rest will follow during the weekend. Of course there is also their printed version:

available HERE.


Now it's time for Spring cleaning and... fresh new projects!

Late night show in the kitchen

I don't know about your kitchens but mine has its secret life. Especially late in the night. And here is a live proof:

Who would guess that such a lovely teapot gift from dear friends will inspire me to make another kitchen's portrait - "Late night show in the kitchen"? With the teapot as a star  accompanied by other kitchen utensils 🙂 With some necessary drama involved: The whole piece is 16 x 12 inches and it is mounted on foam board - easy to frame or hang or just to stand on the shelf. It is all about applique on wool - more details and the process of making will be shared with my newsletter subscribers (become one if you are not yet - HERE).  While working on this piece I thought that it feels a bit weird to stitch an imagined interior with a teapot hanging in the air but then, on my Instagram walk  I spotted this: This is Muzeum Kinematografii in Lodz beautifully photographed by Marzena Bomanowska So I'm fine and all is well with the world, just look around to find a little teapot next to you 🙂  

Old apple keeper story for the new beginning

Welcome to the New Year!   Here is the "Apple keeper" - textile piece completed on the last day of 2017! One of the many works in progress crossed out, yay 🙂 It is the third in the series and the biggest one so far - 18.5 x 28.5 in. I can't explain it clearly why this image of a tree, woman and the basket of apples stays with me for so long and strong (see the previous ones HERE).  There is this special kind of strength in this delicate apple keeper who forwards it to us in small, red bites which speaks to me.  All of my apple keepers are done in different techniques. This time I was particularly interested in golden background, trying to combine all the different elements into cohesive mosaic with the quality of tapestry. Sounds complicated? So imagine making it 🙂 There's no batting involved, just applique and bits of embroidery (even with silk ribbons). Now let's hope that my Goddess Idunn will be a good sign for a fruitful new year. We'll see...