Old apple keeper story for the new beginning

Welcome to the New Year!   Here is the "Apple keeper" - textile piece completed on the last day of 2017! One of the many works in progress crossed out, yay 🙂 It is the third in the series and the biggest one so far - 18.5 x 28.5 in. I can't explain it clearly why this image of a tree, woman and the basket of apples stays with me for so long and strong (see the previous ones HERE).  There is this special kind of strength in this delicate apple keeper who forwards it to us in small, red bites which speaks to me.  All of my apple keepers are done in different techniques. This time I was particularly interested in golden background, trying to combine all the different elements into cohesive mosaic with the quality of tapestry. Sounds complicated? So imagine making it 🙂 There's no batting involved, just applique and bits of embroidery (even with silk ribbons). Now let's hope that my Goddess Idunn will be a good sign for a fruitful new year. We'll see...

The best of 2017

Just a short post to wrap 2017 up. It was kind of a hard year but now, looking back, I see only good things.

And one of the best ones was... a poem about me and my art! It was written by Louis Hemmings and I can't find the words to tell you how honoured I feel being an inspiration for the poetry. I love it dearly but, of course, I'm biased so read it yourself:

Louis wants to "kickstart your heart" (hence the name of his website) with his poetry and he definitely succeeded in my case.  This year was full of changes - I moved my blog (the old one is till here), started newsletter adventure (subscribe here) and joined Instagram (follow me here). It may not sounds very impressive but after all those years of my virtual life, just as I thought that I almost "got it", I'm back on the learning curve. But it isn't that bad - last year I was sorting through the pictures to find the most relevant for the summary ones, this year Instagram did this job for me. Here is my year in a nutshell:

So now I'm ready for new artistic adventures and I'm curious of what 2018 will have for me in store. Can't wait to unpack it!

Happy New 2018 Year, dear friends! 

For Christmas with love!

  This is my last finished textile work for this year -"Golden couple". I wrote about it in my latest newsletter (if you want to be in the insiders' circle subscribe HERE) so here just a couple of pictures showing details: Personally I like it so much that I used it for this year's Christmas card 🙂 So, I wish you a Merry Christmas filled with joy, happiness and lots of LOVE!!!

Underwater textile castle

I know that holiday season keeps you busy with no time to read blogs. But I think that my "Underwater castle" suits perfectly to the magic atmosphere of this time of year and it is much more about fairy tale than underwater 🙂  And I won't bore you with talking too much, the pictures will tell the whole story 🙂 There's a small problem with capturing the whole textile artwork because it is rather long (47 in) and narrow  (19 in) but let's give it a try: And here comes the water part: Yes, you guessed it right - the water part took quite some time to accomplish. But this is what textile art is all about. Beyond the overall picture there are layers of stitches building the atmosphere, evoking emotions and playing with your senses.  Thank you for your time, hope you enjoyed this short trip to my fairyland. And I'm pretty sure that your festive preparations won't mind 🙂

Fantasy castles floating your way

If you followed my old The Textile Cuisine blog, you know that my adventure with castles started 2 years ago from some very special commission. Since then I made several fantasy castles (see them HERE) and many more is yet to come 🙂 I love working on this subject as it allows you go really crazy - beside the brick and mortar castles there is much more of them living in our imagination or fairy tales. Some are... floating on the clouds:  The small castles were meant to be postcards. But as I procrastined on finishing them, they waited and waited and finally decided they want to stay together 🙂 It was fun to find a setting for them as they are similar yet different: Silver grey silk clouds added some movement and worked perfectly as a common factor.  But the most goes in the background  🙂 I've used some unexpected fabrics (like silver brocade next to checkered cotton) and lots of hand embroidery to build the cohesive setting with medieval feel despite this unusual color palette. It is all stitched on wool fabric (with no batting) and has wonderful drape: Now it is just to find a knight who would love a banner like this (or a nursery room of a little prince or princess) 🙂 It is 42 x 85 cm (16.5 x 34 in), much bigger than the previous castle works. Except the one from last year - "Underwater castle": But it deserves a separate post, I guess 🙂