Blue Fiber Forest

It started with an idea of taking part in the contest. The general theme was "all kinds of fibers". And my first thought was "the forest of fibers" ! Unfortunately life had other plans for me than taking part in the contest but... the seed was sown 🙂 I pulled out all the different types of fabric to build the forest. Fibers galore 100 % natural  - cotton, linen, wool, silk, all of different weights and structures to play with textures. Felted wool on heavily textured linen and plain, thin cotton. With tiny shiny silk trees here and there. And all this in blue (hand dyed by myself!) with hints of red or purple.  Here it is in a full view: It is 18 x 32 in and available for sale HERE.   My newsletter subscribers already know about the changes I'm making in my online presence so here is short info for the rest of you (you better be a subscriber, I tell you - subscribe HERE):
  • I'm slowly withdrawing my art from Etsy (if you want something, buy now!)
  • I will keep Etsy open only for crafty things and custom orders
  • Now the places where you can buy some of my works are HERE and (bigger and more expensive) HERE
  • Of course you're always welcome to contact me directly if you want something special or can't find what you're looking for  🙂 
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4 thoughts on “Blue Fiber Forest”

  1. Wow! The blues are brilliant. This is the first I recall you mixing so many elements together in one piece. Also, I wish you all the best in your new endeavors outside of Etsy. Blessings dear B.

  2. Amazing forest of blue!! Too bad you were not able to enter the contest, I am sure you would have taken the prize!

    yes, I read your newsletter and am excited for you and your new directions. It is unfortunate that Etsy became such an unwelcoming type of platform. But, I feel wherever you show your art it will do splendidly!
    Sending hugs my friend! xx

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