Family matters inspired by nature

This is a textile piece created last year and titled "The Family". The idea was born while reading "Seeds of hope" by Jane Goodall - when I've read about old trees keeping the place until the new one is ready to grow on its own, I clearly visualized the scene.

As you can see I've changed my technique a bit mixing elements from applique, quilting and embroidery and making it much more difficult to describe 🙂 But it is not so much about the technique because it simply developed during the process. I wanted it to be in sort of neutral palette so I dyed and over dyed both the trees and the background. And I knew it has to start from the black - just as we come to this world from some unknown darkness. And here is where the fun started. Because while embroidering and beading I was thinking about human families in the terms of nature (biology) and culture. Being the only child of my parents and having just one child myself made it even more inevitable to see it as a real family - just like putting names to the trees 🙂 There are layers of meaning - parents have their separate beads "characteristics" (but with many common elements as they had to meet somehow) and the child received the mixture of both. Every tree has something unique but all of them stay out of the background and the shadows of the past. Mind boggling, isn't it? Let's not forget floating leaves with black lines of genes and DNA. We often wonder where our strong (or weak) points come from. When it comes to my textile talents and skills I know very well that I got them from my grandmas. I knew just one of them (from my dad's side) and she taught me to sew. She was a teacher of mathematics but she knew how to make a dress, a coat or bed linens. And I was very intrigued by her machine so she just taught me how to use it. But the artistic part comes from the other grandma. She wasn't an artist but she was using her stitching skills to beautify everything she touched. How do I know? From my mom who knows nothing about sewing except that she doesn't like it at all. And she is amazed seeing that I know things her mom knew and I do many things (also beyond the textile sphere) just like she did. Maybe it was in her modest sewing box I use ? "The Family" artwork was sold to the parents who wanted it as a gift for the young family of their (adult) kids. They didn't know the story behind but the trees spoke to them and when I shared my thoughts they said they "knew it" without the words 🙂 I've updated my shop with the most recent (smaller in size and framed) trees so if you want one, click HERE. Beside the trees I'm also working on gardens. The black one is available for sale but later this week I hope to finish the newest one so if you want to be the first to see it you better subscribe to my newsletter HERE 🙂
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2 thoughts on “Family matters inspired by nature”

  1. Bozena, this was a lovely post! I feel like I know much more about you having read thi.How wonderful to know where your different skills came from! And how interesting to read that your Mom does not like the sewing,but you are resembling her Mother in so many ways- this is remarkable when you sit and think on it!
    A beautiful piece for sure and I imagine the family who purchased it will give it proudly to their child!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful art and inspiraring post!
    much love,Jackie

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