Fantasy castles floating your way

If you followed my old The Textile Cuisine blog, you know that my adventure with castles started 2 years ago from some very special commission. Since then I made several fantasy castles (see them HERE) and many more is yet to come 🙂 I love working on this subject as it allows you go really crazy - beside the brick and mortar castles there is much more of them living in our imagination or fairy tales. Some are... floating on the clouds:  The small castles were meant to be postcards. But as I procrastined on finishing them, they waited and waited and finally decided they want to stay together 🙂 It was fun to find a setting for them as they are similar yet different: Silver grey silk clouds added some movement and worked perfectly as a common factor.  But the most goes in the background  🙂 I've used some unexpected fabrics (like silver brocade next to checkered cotton) and lots of hand embroidery to build the cohesive setting with medieval feel despite this unusual color palette. It is all stitched on wool fabric (with no batting) and has wonderful drape: Now it is just to find a knight who would love a banner like this (or a nursery room of a little prince or princess) 🙂 It is 42 x 85 cm (16.5 x 34 in), much bigger than the previous castle works. Except the one from last year - "Underwater castle": But it deserves a separate post, I guess 🙂    
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2 thoughts on “Fantasy castles floating your way”

  1. Bozena! Right away I recalled your other castles! How exiting that you continue to make these!
    These hanging is so enchanting! I just adore the palette! I believe you have married all of your textiles and colors perfectly! You never cease to amaze me with your skills!

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