Late night show in the kitchen

I don't know about your kitchens but mine has its secret life. Especially late in the night. And here is a live proof:

Who would guess that such a lovely teapot gift from dear friends will inspire me to make another kitchen's portrait - "Late night show in the kitchen"? With the teapot as a star  accompanied by other kitchen utensils 🙂 With some necessary drama involved: The whole piece is 16 x 12 inches and it is mounted on foam board - easy to frame or hang or just to stand on the shelf. It is all about applique on wool - more details and the process of making will be shared with my newsletter subscribers (become one if you are not yet - HERE).  While working on this piece I thought that it feels a bit weird to stitch an imagined interior with a teapot hanging in the air but then, on my Instagram walk  I spotted this: This is Muzeum Kinematografii in Lodz beautifully photographed by Marzena Bomanowska So I'm fine and all is well with the world, just look around to find a little teapot next to you 🙂  
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2 thoughts on “Late night show in the kitchen”

  1. How delightful!! Such a cool teapot!!
    Bozena, your quilt piece is so beautiful!Love the colors you chose and I just love how you portrayed your living space! You are so talented and awesome my friend!
    Jackie xoxo

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