Old apple keeper story for the new beginning

Welcome to the New Year!   Here is the "Apple keeper" - textile piece completed on the last day of 2017! One of the many works in progress crossed out, yay 🙂 It is the third in the series and the biggest one so far - 18.5 x 28.5 in. I can't explain it clearly why this image of a tree, woman and the basket of apples stays with me for so long and strong (see the previous ones HERE).  There is this special kind of strength in this delicate apple keeper who forwards it to us in small, red bites which speaks to me.  All of my apple keepers are done in different techniques. This time I was particularly interested in golden background, trying to combine all the different elements into cohesive mosaic with the quality of tapestry. Sounds complicated? So imagine making it 🙂 There's no batting involved, just applique and bits of embroidery (even with silk ribbons). Now let's hope that my Goddess Idunn will be a good sign for a fruitful new year. We'll see...
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2 thoughts on “Old apple keeper story for the new beginning”

  1. Bozena, I wish I were rich, I would buy this one for my home!
    I am always amazed at your skills and the way you weave the textile,colors and patterns together! I sit in awe looking over and over again at the closeups and details. Your art work and talent are outstanding and I am just so happy to be able to view these riches and have you explain a bit of this journey.
    Much love and wishes for all good things for this new year for you,my friend! Jackie xo

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