Summer flowers

What a beautiful summer it is! Too hot, too sunny, too... you name it, but that's what summers are about, aren't they?  If you follow me on Instagram you may remember this wonderful summer bouquet of wildflowers. It was so visually appealing that I decided to stitch it. Well, not exactly but something clearly inspired by these flowers 🙂 It is 11 x 14 in with no binding cause I'm sure the best set up for this one is in frame. I also made a print of it so you can get the idea: And here is a small detail of original to get you an idea of all the small hand stitched gems hidden: If you want to buy it, please, contact me privately so we could decide which place would be the most convenient for you to shop. I'm still in the process of reorganization with new ideas popping every single day so it seems a bit messy now.  Only the prints are still HERE 🙂 And I'm testing selling small works grouped by the size HERE. Any feedback and ideas would be more than appreciated 🙂  Hope the rest of summer will be same beautiful feeling our souls with bright and sunny vibes!
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4 thoughts on “Summer flowers”

  1. What a gorgeous piece Bozena!!Your textile bouquet is more beautiful than the still life!
    Oh the flowers are loving the heat! But not the lack of rain!
    Are you experiencing the same? We are in a drought and the temps are so hot, the tomatoes refuse to ripen! How sad! Well, yes, heat is what summer is about and I will surely take this over what will come our way in a few months!
    Love seeing you post again! As for the shopping, is there a way to sell off of your site as well? I am not ready to sell my art yet, so I have no real clus as to how to set any of this up. But I will be sure to let you know if i see anything of possibility!
    hugs from here in the US
    Jackie xo

    1. Here everything ripen a month earlier – very confusing but very tasteful too. Now we can see what a difference the bright sun makes. All fruit so juicy and in big quantities (unlike the past year when we barely had any apples).
      As for the selling directly from the site, I can’t afford it, at least not now. But of course it would be the best solution 🙂

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