The best of 2017

Just a short post to wrap 2017 up. It was kind of a hard year but now, looking back, I see only good things.

And one of the best ones was... a poem about me and my art! It was written by Louis Hemmings and I can't find the words to tell you how honoured I feel being an inspiration for the poetry. I love it dearly but, of course, I'm biased so read it yourself:

Louis wants to "kickstart your heart" (hence the name of his website) with his poetry and he definitely succeeded in my case.  This year was full of changes - I moved my blog (the old one is till here), started newsletter adventure (subscribe here) and joined Instagram (follow me here). It may not sounds very impressive but after all those years of my virtual life, just as I thought that I almost "got it", I'm back on the learning curve. But it isn't that bad - last year I was sorting through the pictures to find the most relevant for the summary ones, this year Instagram did this job for me. Here is my year in a nutshell:

So now I'm ready for new artistic adventures and I'm curious of what 2018 will have for me in store. Can't wait to unpack it!

Happy New 2018 Year, dear friends! 

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1 thought on “The best of 2017”

  1. Beautiful pieces all year Bozena- thank you for such inspiration ! I love your textiles and look forward to what you will share in 2018!
    Best wishes for all good things in this new year for you!
    Jackie xo

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