To the light!

With the days getting shorter dramatically I'm rather happy to blog about a textile work I made earlier this summer - "Light in the forest".

Despite its darkness it is all about light. It was like walking through the dark, purple forest with the promise of sunny spot at the end. The whole piece is rather big (as for me, who usually works in a small scale) 23 x 34 inches and filled with all the scrumptious details: I've used mostly silks for trees and plants and hand dyed cotton for the light part. The combination of silks and beads makes it a bit tricky to photograph, hence the colors' differences. If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don't, please, fix it now: @bozena_wojtaszek) you had seen the progress pictures for quite a long time as it took a while to complete this monster. But it was a very pleasant journey to the light 🙂 And yes, of course, I made it available in a print form too 🙂 Hope the autumn days won't be totally dark and dull but in the worst case we still have art, don't we? To the light!   Fancy to get more insights from my creative process? Subscribe to my newsletter HERE 🙂 Save
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3 thoughts on “To the light!”

  1. Absolutely Exquisite!!
    Bozena, I kept thinking those dark colors and are gorgeous and rich…then as I kept reading, I saw the light, and I was so taken with it!
    Your art is so very beautiful!
    hugs my friend,
    Jackie xo

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