Underwater textile castle

I know that holiday season keeps you busy with no time to read blogs. But I think that my "Underwater castle" suits perfectly to the magic atmosphere of this time of year and it is much more about fairy tale than underwater 🙂  And I won't bore you with talking too much, the pictures will tell the whole story 🙂 There's a small problem with capturing the whole textile artwork because it is rather long (47 in) and narrow  (19 in) but let's give it a try: And here comes the water part: Yes, you guessed it right - the water part took quite some time to accomplish. But this is what textile art is all about. Beyond the overall picture there are layers of stitches building the atmosphere, evoking emotions and playing with your senses.  Thank you for your time, hope you enjoyed this short trip to my fairyland. And I'm pretty sure that your festive preparations won't mind 🙂
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